U.S. Map hack tool

U.S. Map hack tool

Full Version is the most used cheat for U.S. Map on iOS and Andorid devices. Full Version for U.S. Map usually costs $2.99 if you are buying in app. We also have 1 other cheats for U.S. Map which you can find below on the list in hack tool.

U.S. Map Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for following in app purchases:

1. Full Version $2.99

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How to use hack tool for U.S. Map

To use hack tool for U.S. Map all you need to do is click on USE HACK TOOL button, after that the process is straightforward, follow the instructions and you will get U.S. Map resources.

Cheat codes for U.S. Map

  1. Full Version $2.99 Cheat code: 2534247871
Hack tool for U.S. Map

U.S. Map

A very nice game to know and learn all of state in US. Play it with your kids happily, your kids will know the shape, flag, seal and history for all of states.
★★★★★★★★★ Good Features: 1. The introduction for all of state. 2. 3 levels puzzle game for state shape. 3. A good tap game for keep the shape of state in your mind. 4. Cross line game can check your knowledge. Notes: Need Purchased in APP for all Features.
★★★★★★★★★ The Alaska History: Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867, for $7.2 million ($113 million in today’s dollars) at about two cents per acre ($4.74/km²). The land went through several administrative changes before becoming an organized territory on May 11, 1912, and the 49th state of the U.S. on January 3, 1959.
Customer reviews: Lgregg – ★★★★★
by Squeaky tn – Version 1.0 – 12 March 2011
Not only is it a very neat App, but also has good knowledge on our states that, I think most of the U.S. citizens today (including myself) didn’t even know.

Latest update for U.S. Map codes

Apr 24, 2012 Version 1.0.1 1.Improve the performance 2.Tested in IOS 5.0