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Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia cheat codes

Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia cheat codes

30000 Adventure Points is the most used cheat for Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia on iOS and Andorid devices. 30000 Adventure Points for Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia usually costs $0.99 if you are buying in app. We also have 3 other cheats for Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia which you can find below on the list in hack tool.

Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for following in app purchases:

1. 99,000 Adventure Points $1.99
2. 30000 Adventure Points $0.99
3. Remove Ads $0.99

Hack Tool have 100% success rate on iPhone!

How to use hack tool for Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia

To use hack tool for Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia all you need to do is click on USE HACK TOOL button, after that the process is straightforward, follow the instructions and you will get Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia resources.

Cheat codes for Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia

  1. 99,000 Adventure Points $1.99 Cheat code: 2488496179
  2. 30000 Adventure Points $0.99 Cheat code: 1695636787
  3. Remove Ads $0.99 Cheat code: 3047585887
Hack tool for Tiger Multiplayer - Siberia

Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia

Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia is an animal simulator that allows you to play head to head against other players from around the world. Go to battle on this huge arctic landscape. Look for the X on the Multiplayer map – there yellow X’s are the other tigers. Face off against real players, in real time. Control your own customizable Tiger and take on any challengers.
Remember : Looks for the “X” on the multiplayer map. Those are the other players.

Play the offline map to build up your skill points and magic. Collect all the magic elements in the offline map in order to craft your special powers. Upgrade your speed, strength, and stamina. This is the place you build up your strength and skill level. Super high quality 3D Arctic World map to explore. Your animal will get hungry and thirsty. Don’t forget to eat and drink! You will need to get good at hunting down other animals. The easiest animals to hunt are the rabbits and deer. Challenge other players in real time. Be the last Tiger to survive and score a victory point. You may also decide to team up and take down Giant bosses Hunt animals to keep your hunger levels up
Drink water so you don’t dehydrate.

Top App Features:
— Multiplayer Tiger Game —Beautifully designed 3D Arctic World Map
 —Play head-to-head against real players around the world
 —Real-time action
—Includes Off-line map to build experience and magic
 —Upgrade your abilities to have a better change at winning
— True Multiplayer
Other enemies include Bears, Cerberus, Epic Ice Giants, Deer, Dragons, Black Tigers, Dinosaurs, and Wolf
Multiplayer is a new series of games we have created at Wild Foot. We listened to all your suggestions and tried to combine them into this game. 3D animal simulation at its best.
We love to hear from our fans. Stop by our Facebook page: for updates. 
 We welcome your constructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Our focus is making creative games with animals and magic. Animal simulators with something special added. Good luck and have a Wildfoot day!

Latest update for Tiger Multiplayer – Siberia codes

Jan 25, 2017 Version 1.2 Added **Live Chat** so now you can communicate with other players.