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Shredsauce Hack Tool

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Hack tool for Shredsauce


Shredsauce codes is a freestyle skiing game with realistic physics. Build your own levels and grabs, then show them off to your friends in multiplayer mode.

Latest update for Shredsauce codes

Release Notes (5 versions tracked - Last update 60 days ago)

  • Fixes to the grab selector
  • Bug fixes

    - No more glitchy dogpile at the start point in multiplayer
    - Restart button no longer restarts everyone else
    - Level / Grab searching fixed
    - "Update" added to Grab editor
  • - Improved grab selection
    - Improved graphics
  • Fixed the speed boost (swipe up)
  • Custom grabs!
    - Create grabs by rotating the character's joints
    - Select from grabs created by the community. Replace the default grabs on the character

    Crashing animation!
    - Character ragdolls if your landing is too sketchy

    - Restore purchases button fixed
    - Mobile ratings work
    - Saving levels to device works