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Rally Run cheats

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Rally Run Hack Tool

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How to use hack tool for Rally Run

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Cheat codes for Rally Run

. $0.00  -  Cheat code:  J2F3CHFNIR

Hack tool for Rally Run

Rally Run

Rally Run codes is a fastpaced, singletouch racing game you can play on the go, with engaging racing, nitroboosting and drifting mechanics you won't have raced like this before!

COMPETE on over 100 tracks across several tiers of racing

COLLECT cars with different abilities and skills to match the racing challenges ahead

UPGRADE your cars to improve their performance and blow away the competition

Hone your racing skills, avoid obstacles, collect the right pickups and pull off precision drifts to reign supreme

Be ready, your Rally Run codes career is about to start!

Latest update for Rally Run codes

Release Notes (1 versions tracked - Last update 249 days ago)

  • Hey RallyRunners - we have some pretty major changes in this build based on player feedback.
    * all 'death' blockages have been removed and replaced with destructible blockages which slow you down. This is to try and smooth out the difficulty curve which a lot of players were struggling with
    * this has allowed us to remove the negative 'virtual' barriers, which cleared your pickup grid, and attach the 'clear column' feature to the destructible barriers directly
    * there are still 4 chest slots to fill but now you don;t need to start unlocking them. All chests automatically start unlocking and all 4 chests can be unlocking at once
    * we've replaced the 'speed up unlock for watching an ad' feature by a global 'double the unlock speed of all chests' which lasts for 2 hours
    * rebalancing of a few of the cars which had slightly odd surface affinities
    * rebuilding of several tracks to accommodate the new physical and virtual barrier behaviours
    * lots of other little cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes

    Please let us know of any more thoughts at [email protected]