Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song! cheat codes

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song! cheat codes

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Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song! Hack Tool

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Cheat codes for Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song!

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Hack tool for Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song!

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song!

“Brilliant personal touches that really engage children in early literacy learning” National Literacy Trust. Who’s the cutest farmer of all? Your toddler of course 🙂 Sing along as you play Peekaboo in the stables, count eggs from the hens, splash in muddy puddles with the pigs, feed the ducks and drive the farm truck! Phew. After a hard day’s work around the farm yard, it’s time for bed. Wait… what’s that?! Is it a cow jumping over the moon? A farmer’s work is never done, not even at bedtime 🙂
Children love being the farmer & role-playing in this classic nursery rhyme. There’s so much interactive fun to have with all the animals. Singing, memorizing rhymes and imaginative role-play are all early learning milestones, so your toddler develops Preschool skills as they play. Research shows that a familiarity with rhymes helps children progress with reading, and have a lot of fun at the same time.
Extra educational games include jigsaw puzzles and memory games. These puzzle games are especially designed for preschoolers and have 3 levels to progress through.
You can pop on your farmer’s hat straightaway in this free version. Sing-along to 2 of the verses – the ducks quacking and the dog barking – both starring your child as Old MacDonald. Feed the ducks, make fish leap, soar high on the farm swing and bang the drum in time to the music. There are also memory games and farm puzzles to try out. Unlock all 8 verses, all jigsaw puzzles and memory games with a single in-app purchase which is behind a parent lock. Once unlocked with the single purchase, there are no further in-app purchases.
Fun features – and sshhh, educational too 🙂 • Be a farmer for a day – imaginative role-play for girls and boys • Sing along to a favorite nursery rhyme • Starring photo faces of family & friends – great for face recognition (& giggles!) • Learn animal names and sounds • Develop fine motor skills with jigsaw puzzles (3 levels to progress through) • Improve memory skills and concentration with memory match games • Learn about rhythm and music • Get creative – make characters using your photos, just add hats & hair!
This is a safe app carefully designed for toddlers and preschoolers (age 2-5), with no third-party advertising.
OkiPlay is a family games studio, devoted to learning and play. Children’s book artist, John Abbott, is our illustrator. We’re members of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers promoting quality apps for kids and families. Our preschool educational apps are loved & trusted by parents, teachers and children all over the world. That makes us very happy.
Here are some of the lovely things parents and teachers have written about OkiPlay apps: * “As a speech therapy assistant, this is my favorite app! It’s so awesome to personalize the game with their own face, and add different hats and hair.” * “I am an SLP working with 3-5 year olds. This interactive game really keeps their attention. They are very engaged and love being a part of the game. I love all the speech and language opportunities.” * “All excellent apps… they are very interactive and it’s brilliant how you can choose different family members to feature in them.” * “Absolutely gorgeous – both our children were totally captivated by this app …the personalization feature is fantastic, and the graphics are charming.” * “My daughter squeals with delight at the sound of the app opening. She has a blast while developing her fine motor skills.” * “Lovely for personalization and engaging children.” The Literacy Trust Best Apps * “Thank you so much for creating something so adorable and educational for little ones.”

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