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Cheat codes for MewMew Tower

Hack tool for MewMew Tower

MewMew Tower

"MewMew Tower codes" is a game of stacking many, many cats on top of oneanother to form a tower of cats high into the sky.

Try to stack in a straight line to maintain good balance.
Tilting your iPhone/iPod will also affect the balance of the tower.
But watch out, once balance has been lost the tower of cute cats will come tumbling down!

MewMew Tower codes is a fun game loved by both kids and grownups around the globe.

How to play "Mew Mew Tower"

1. You can only stack the cats in a single
vertical line.
2. Once you have placed a cat, you can not
change the position so carry on stacking.
3. A size of the cats varies. There are a kiddy, skinny one, and fat one.
4. It is important to tilt your iPhone to take
balance, but you need to be careful not
to over do it!


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Release Notes (1 versions tracked - Last update 283 days ago)

  • Add a new winter stage 'Warm and Fluffy'!