Kingturn RPG Plus cheat codes

Kingturn RPG Plus cheat codes

Kingturn Plus Full Version is the most used cheat for Kingturn RPG Plus on iOS and Andorid devices. Kingturn Plus Full Version for Kingturn RPG Plus usually costs $3.99 if you are buying in app. We also have 1 other cheats for Kingturn RPG Plus which you can find below on the list in hack tool.

Kingturn RPG Plus Hack Tool

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1. Kingturn Plus Full Version $3.99

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Cheat codes for Kingturn RPG Plus

  1. Kingturn Plus Full Version $3.99 Cheat code: 3089346300
Hack tool for Kingturn RPG Plus

Kingturn RPG Plus

Kingturn RPG Plus is an addictive turn-based fantasy strategy RPG with a depth rarely found on mobile devices.
Kingturn RPG Plus is based on the same game concept and technology as Kingturn RPG, but offers an entirely different story, different scenarios, a few new character classes like Ranger, Amazon, and Champion, new sound tracks, as well as new weapons and armor.
The game combines outpost conquering with tactical combat and a complex unit skill system. Embedded in a compelling medieval fantasy story with quirky characters, the player can delve into this old school tactics RPG for many hours.
Kingturn RPG Plus is a shareware game where the first 8 scenarios are free to play and the remaining 59 scenarios can be unlocked via a one-time in-app purchase.

Story ——— The Kingdom of Andaria is at peace since many years thanks to the moderate and thoughtful rule of King Constantin. Even peasants start participating in the country’s growing prosperity as a result of the ‘King’s Verdict’; – a royal law that grants a small share of wealth to the common folks, too.
The story starts with the mysterious murder of King Constantin resulting in a full-scale civil war raging all over the formerly peaceful country of Andaria. While noble families accuse each other of being responsible for the King’s assassination, the fight over the succession to the crown and throne begins …

Tutorial ———– If you are new to our SRPG series, you might want to watch the video tutorial first:

Kingturn Trilogy Overview ——————————— Chapter 1 – The rise of King Constantin (Kingturn Underworld RPG) Chapter 2 – The rule of King Constantin (Kingturn RPG) Chapter 3 – The fall of King Constantin (Kingturn RPG Plus)
All titles have an independent story line and can be played in an arbitrary order.

Category ————– Offline Strategy RPG

Game play ————— – Many hours of addictive and challenging game play in 67 scenarios
– 34 character classes like Knight, Ranger, Amazon, Champion, Archer, Mage, Paladin, Assassin, Warrior, Wolf Rider, Priest, Witch, Necromancer, Vampire, Skeleton, Vampire Bat …
– 62 character skills like ‘Heal’, ‘Stealth Strike’, ‘Lightning Bolt’, ‘War Cry’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Whirlwind’, ‘Summon’, ‘Beast Shot’, ‘Encourage’, ‘Firestorm’, ‘Spin Attack’, ‘Arrow Hail’, …
– More than 700 items (weapons, armor, amulets, rings)
– Battle drops, treasure chests, and scenario rewards
– Conquer outposts and face a challenging enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)
– Level up an army which is carried over from scenario to scenario

Latest update for Kingturn RPG Plus codes

Oct 16, 2017 Version 2.1 You can configure now that friendly units don’t block each other’s path any longer (game option ‘Blocking buddies’ with default value ‘ON’) .