Indian Rummy hack tool

Indian Rummy hack tool

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Indian Rummy Hack Tool

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Cheat codes for Indian Rummy

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Hack tool for Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy by Octro has LIVE TABLES for Rummy, and you play with REAL PLAYERS from all around the world.
13 Cards Indian Rummy is played between 2 to 5 players and each player is dealt 13 cards. For 2, 3 or 4 players two 52-card decks (104 cards) and 4 jokers (wild cards) are used. For 5 players three decks (156 cards) and 6 jokers are used.
The object is to form Runs (or sequences) and Sets. And when a player has formed required runs and sets using all 13 cards, the player declares his turn.
Table Rules 1) Minimum two runs (sequences) are required. 2) One of these runs (sequences) must be pure (called First Life). 3) The second run can be pure or non pure (called Second Life). 4) Either First Life or Second Life must have 4 or more cards.
A valid declare must have minimum two runs and out of these runs one run must be pure and one run (pure or impure) must have 4 or more cards. On a valid declare the scores of the rest of the players are counted.
The requirement of first life and second life makes Indian Rummy interesting and challenging.
Indian Rummy by Octro is multiplayer card game that you can play with your Facebook friends or real players anywhere in the world. You can play in public room or in a private room where you can invite your friends and decide the bet per point. The main features of Indian Rummy by Octro are –
1. Play with real players anywhere in the world 2. Create private rooms 3. Easy and unique interface that uses a real play like moves to pick a card, discard a card and declare your cards.
Game Modes on the Indian Rummy Latest Version: * 13 Cards Point Rummy * 13 Cards Rummy Tournament * 13 Cards Deal Rummy * 13 Cards Pool Rummy * 13 Cards Private Rummy (Play With Friends) * 21 Cards Point Rummy
21 Cards Rummy: 21 Cards Rummy is played between 2 to 5 players with 3 standard decks of 53 cards each, which includes 1 Printed Joker per deck. At some places this game mode also known as Marriage card game.
The 21 Cards Rummy game rules is a little bit different from 13 Cards Indian Rummy rules.
How to Win in 21 Cards Rummy You need to complete any of the following objectives and then discard one of your hand cards to the Finish Slot to declare your game. The 21 Card Rummy game rules for winning the game are mentioned below:
» 3 Pure Sequences and the remaining cards arranged in sets or sequences » 3 Tunnela in separate groups. The rest of the cards need not be arranged in sets or sequences. » 8 Dublees in separate groups. The rest of the cards need not be arranged in sets or sequences. » 8 Jokers in a single group. The rest of the cards need not be arranged in sets or sequences.
How to save points, if someone else declares: » Make minimum 3 Pure Sequences and arrange the rest in sets or sequences. You will lose points only for the cards that are not arranged. » Make minimum 6 Dublees. You will lose points only for the rest of the cards. » If you have 6 Dublees AND 3 Pure Sequences, then you will lose points based on the option that causes you to lose fewer points.
Definitions: Tunnela: Three cards of same rank and same suit are called Tunnela. Three printed jokers also form Tunnela. For example: 9-9-9 of same suits and J-J-J of same suits. However, two cards of same rank and same suit and a joker do not form Tunnela.
Dublee: Two cards of same rank and same suit are called Dublee. Two printed jokers also form Dublee. For example 4-4 of same suits and 8-8 of same suits.
Marriage: One Cut Joker (Titlu), one Lower Joker (Nichlu) and one Upper Joker (Paplu) of the same suit constitute a marriage.
Points in 21 Cards Rummy: Drop: 30 Points, Mid Drop: 70 Points, Full Hand : 120 Points + Value Cards Points
For detailed information about the 21 cards rummy rules, Please check here:

Latest update for Indian Rummy codes

May 11, 2020 Version 3.05.60 Bug Fixes and UI Enhancements