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Holy War - Saber cheats

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Holy War – Saber Hack Tool

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Cheat codes for Holy War – Saber

Hack tool for Holy War - Saber

Holy War – Saber

《Holy War Saber》is most popular mobile game in 2016,this game is based on the fifth Holy Grail War,seven masters summon seven servants to fight for Holy Grail.

A knight uses sword,be used as a trump by Master,so all the sabers are have the most powerful battle rating.

Use spear as weapon,have high attack power but low HP,when you have to fight to him,kill lancer first!

as famous as longrange attack,always have an aoe skill attack talent.

Unknow talent servant.

A tank hero,need to be set in the front of team.

higher speed,attack faster,want to make sure defeat your enemy,an assassin can help you.

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Latest update for Holy War – Saber codes

Release Notes (1 versions tracked - Last update 331 days ago)

  • Update game version to V1.8.3
    1, Increase new servants and matsers
    2, Increase Chapter 20 and Chapter 21
    3, Increase servants reset feature
    4, Fixed some bugs