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Hempville: Grow Best Buds cheat codes

Hempville: Grow Best Buds cheat codes

Air Conditioner “Winter” is the most used cheat for Hempville: Grow Best Buds on iOS and Andorid devices. Air Conditioner “Winter” for Hempville: Grow Best Buds usually costs $1.99 if you are buying in app. We also have 10 other cheats for Hempville: Grow Best Buds which you can find below on the list in hack tool.

Hempville: Grow Best Buds Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for following in app purchases:

1. 1000 Cash $1.99
2. 3000 Cash $2.99
3. 500 Cash $0.99
4. 5000 Cash $3.99
5. Advanced Grower Pack $4.99
6. Air Canabizzz v. 3000 $3.99
7. Air Canabizzz v. 1500 $2.99
8. Air Conditioner "Snow" $0.99
9. Air Conditioner "Winter" $1.99
10. Air Pot $2.99

Hack Tool have 100% success rate on iPhone!

How to use hack tool for Hempville: Grow Best Buds

To use hack tool for Hempville: Grow Best Buds all you need to do is click on USE HACK TOOL button, after that the process is straightforward, follow the instructions and you will get Hempville: Grow Best Buds resources.

Cheat codes for Hempville: Grow Best Buds

  1. 1000 Cash $1.99 Cheat code: 3991226040
  2. 3000 Cash $2.99 Cheat code: 2572238921
  3. 500 Cash $0.99 Cheat code: 1445522491
  4. 5000 Cash $3.99 Cheat code: 76368730
  5. Advanced Grower Pack $4.99 Cheat code: 3767642163
  6. Air Canabizzz v. 3000 $3.99 Cheat code: 3853716230
  7. Air Canabizzz v. 1500 $2.99 Cheat code: 435322040
  8. Air Conditioner "Snow" $0.99 Cheat code: 3933626054
  9. Air Conditioner "Winter" $1.99 Cheat code: 545031452
  10. Air Pot $2.99 Cheat code: 943827204
Hack tool for Hempville: Grow Best Buds

Hempville: Grow Best Buds

This is how the weed city looks like! Practice marijuana growing on your own bud farm!
More info on Facebook:
Meet one of the dopest buds games: Hempville: Grow Best Buds. Start a weed growing career in the Hempville, excel in marijuana growing, expand your pot empire, mature and proceed through cannabis growing game to reach the new weed empire locations.
Become the best pot dealer in the city of weed junkies, explore new territories, compete with other weed tycoons.
Let this cannabis growing game become your favorite: grow, groom, sell and meet new pot buddies who will share the word of mouth about your weed empire. Play the legendary cannabis game online and offline anytime.
Marijuana growing gameplay:
Hempville is a real bud farm heaven for cannabis growing game fans, here you can get experienced in plant growing, bud farm grass roots grooming, cultivating your pot empire with fertilizers, water supply, and essential lightening.
Here’s how you succeed in marijuana growing game. Firstly, tap to plant the cannabis seeds, choose from multiple pot strains: Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Lemon Skunk, Bubble Gum or Sensi Star. The more money your cannabis farm provides you with, the better growing cannabis game seeds you can buy and more incomes to gain.
Another bud farm hack – Use the most effective marijuana game equipment (TLED lamps, vent system, smart pots, water pumps) to boost cannabis harvest. Ganja strains are not cake pieces – some pots grow weed breeds faster, others produce higher yielding hemps, raise your marijuana farm, and get more money.
Meanwhile, get the knack of marijuana game multitasking – make sure the pot licenses are valid, control the smell to avoid being busted by police. Be an accommodative cannabis grower – sell your weed farm harvest to the locals meeting them at your apartment.
Progressing through weed growing game
Be attentive, trust your hunches while growing and selling weed – is it a police at your doorstep, a random visitor or your potential weed friend. Accept or deny marijuana deals, make customers pay more for certain weed amounts or provide discounts on pot and raise your cannabis farm reputation.
With more money and reputation you are a real weed growing mogul, acquire bigger rooms for your bud farm, use newspaper to get wholesale cannabis orders from coffeeshops, hospitals, bakeries, pharmacies.
Level up your marijuana growing game, build a respectable Hempville weed empire, be prepared to face the bud farm risks, protect your pot stashes and become cannabis growing game leader connecting pot game leaderboards. What time is it? Time for cannabis game, become the main tycoon! Download your marijuana game, charge the battery and see you in Hempville’s pot empire! Grow Best Buds in Hempville: game features • Make the plants growing – choose seeds and plant • Boost cannabis harvest with inventory purchased, get the better profits. • Sell the best weed to customers, gain cash, friends, and higher cannabis game reputation • Discover new, efficient weed breeds – enrich your marijuana farm buying them • Make valuable pot farm investments – amenities, licenses • Apply your bud farm hacks, – unlock new places: Cannabis Hills, Hollyweed Bakery, and Stoned Circle. Establish yourself as a best weed growing pro in all of them. • Connect to buds games leaderboards and join the greatest cannabis growing competition or compare the plant growing progress with your friends.

Latest update for Hempville: Grow Best Buds codes

Aug 9, 2019 Version 1.5.8 Bug fix.