Fun Math Problems cheat codes

Fun Math Problems cheat codes

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Fun Math Problems Hack Tool

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Fun Math Problems

– Used in the classroom for independent math play – 12 levels of math problems and sight word recognition – Answer tracking to ensure skill mastery by each level
Frog Hop challenges kids aged 3-7 to develop their word recognition skills and improve their math abilities. After completing each level, feed your hungry frog as many flies as you can in 30 seconds!
The first level is included for free – unlock the remaining 11 levels through an in-app purchase.
The word levels include all 220 sight words and a final level includes frog related words such as tadpole and water.
The math levels are aligned with the common core standards and progress from a Kindergarten to a Grade 3 level. They are as follows:
1 – Counting up to 10 2 – Numberline up to 10 3 – Numberline up to 20 4 – Addition up to 10 5 – Subtraction below 10 6 – Add and subtract up to 20 7 – Add and subtract up to 100 8 – Sequence by 5,10 and 100 9 – Fractions up to 10/10 10 – Multiply up to 9 x 9 11 – Divide up to 81 ÷ 9 12 – Equations with parentheses
For both word and math play, the level design ensures that the child can answer 10 in a row correctly before moving forward. This design is being made more popular by the Khan Academy and helps to ensure that the kids truly understand the material.
The reward at the end of each level is a frog feeding frenzy! Drag the flies to the frog’s mouth and he will do the rest. 5 flies can be dragged at once from anywhere on the screen so go fast and find out what happens if you feed your frog 45 flies, he might just double in size!
You will notice that the better your child does on each level, the more flies they will get at the end of the level. At a minimum, there will be 15 flies available.
Have any ideas on how we can make this better? Be sure to contact us. Also, please review the app if time permits. This helps us spread the word. Thank you!
PRIVACY: Tapfun recognizes the importance of personal privacy. Tapfun adheres to strict information collection, use and disclosure requirements. Read our privacy policy at for more information.
More information on the sight words:
Sight word acquisition is a critical building block for any child’s ability to read. For example, once he or she can read all of the words on Dolch’s lists, they will have access to 75% of what is printed in almost any piece of children’s literature. The more one-on-one time a child has learning and practising sight words with an adult, the greater his chances to integrating them into his long-term memory. Encourage your child to read the words out loud when they press on the answer.

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Oct 6, 2018 Version 4.0 We have improved the performance of the app. Thank you for your support!