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d20 Calculator Hack Tool

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Hack tool for d20 Calculator

d20 Calculator

A calculator for table top games. Enter any combination of die and get the result instantly. It can be as simple as "1d4" and as complex as "(3d100 + 5d7) x 3d2". No need to add up all the numbers yourself. d20 Calculator codes is a useful tool for any RPG or tabletop game.

Save your frequently used rolls with labels to help you identify which rolls belong to which attacks.
"dx" button lets you roll any type of dice needed.. ever need a d7?
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide any combination of dice.
Dice roll sound effect so everyone know you're not cheating.
6 stylish themes available.

Latest update for d20 Calculator codes

Release Notes (2 versions tracked - Last update 35 days ago)

  • - Support for larger device sizes
    - Fixed audio issues
    - Bug fixes
  • - Ice and Fire themes
    - Minor bug fixes