Coding Game – binary hacker cheat codes

Coding Game – binary hacker cheat codes

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Coding Game – binary hacker

-*Over 25 000+ Downloads in more than 50 Countries*- In this challenging game you have to convert the decimal numbers as fast as possible in binary numbers!
Expand your mental ability with this great game that is suitable for all ages. Boys, girls and adults will improve their mental ability exponentially whilst having great fun. Computers always do it in the background, now you can do it too, in this funny game.
Every position in the binary code represents a number, starting from 1,2,4,8,16 etc.
For Example: the number 18 demonstrates “10010” in the binary system because the “1” on the fifth position is “16” in addition to the “1” on the second position which is a “2”
The goal is to convert the given numbers to binary numbers to collect points with every successful conversion. The faster you convert the numbers, the higher your score. If you’re a programmer, you should be able to get over 20 points easily 🙂 Only the smartest will succeed. Are you one of them?! Enjoy this IQ game.
Install CodingGame now for free to master binary numbers and train your mental math every day!

– Play with friends and set a new record! – Additionally learn the binary system – Gamecenter support – Raise in ranks and compete in the leaderboards – Play for free – Improve your math – More unlocks for the keys are coming soon
For suggestions on how to improve the app, please contact me via [email protected]
Have fun with the App!

Latest update for Coding Game – binary hacker codes

Jan 2, 2020 Version 2.2 – Achievements added: become binary master and challenge your friends!